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    JC Quality Construction, LLC was established for many reasons that we believe are essential in today's residential construction industry. We are extremely committed and excited to bring innovation to this industry. We also want to be able to provide our clients with the absolute best building experience possible. We will accomplish this with our unique strategies and business structure designed to make your building experience enjoyable. We are also confident that the quality and detail of work this company provides and accepts is second to no-one. This also reflects that we will not focus on quantity, but more importantly the quality of work performed. Additionally, this company values and respects each individuals budget, and we take great pride in making sure our project planning is detailed and accurate to assure you, as a customer, will get every worth out of every dollar applied to your investment. Furthermore, this company takes great pride in the future of our valuable landscapes and believes in building the highest quality of homes with the latest technology, and energy efficiency while staying within your budget.  
As the owner of JC Quality Construction, I would like to share some personal experiences responsible for my inspiration in forming this company. I was primarily raised by a single mother most of my life and did not realize then the challenges that would bring throughout my youth. However, these challenges have molded me into the person, husband, father, and hard worker I am today. I grew up as a young boy spending many of my days helping my grandfather in his workshop and assisting him with his woodworking projects. My grand-father was a successful refining engineer and talented master carpenter. His ways inspired me and he was a man I had great respect for. He was a role model to me as a young boy and taught me great values. I hold many memories of my grandfather and I working in his workshop that was stocked with cedar, cypress, and other types of wood he loved to work with. The smell of fresh cut cedar in his workshop has never left my memory. The sound of a skill saw cutting lumber and a hammer making contact with the head of a nail has become music to my ears and will remain for a lifetime. I have strong belief in these memories being responsible for my passion in the construction industry. There were a couple of projects my grandfather started that I will never forget how fascinated I was in him for completing. One of these projects were self-contracting my uncle's home which is my grand-fathers youngest son. I remember running to this job site every time I would arrive to visit my grandfather. My grandfather also was the proud owner of his dream getaway property in McComb, Ms where he built an unbelievably beautiful cypress cabin for his families enjoyment. I was around seven years of age during this time, and It amazes me today of the detailed memory I still have of the work that went into building these structures. I didn’t realize then how much these experiences would impact my future until now.

    I have spent the last ten years working in Industrial Instrumentation and the last nine working for Marathon Petroleum Company which is one of the largest oil refineries in the country. I am very fortunate and thankful for all of the opportunities this career has brought into my life. The knowledge and experiences this journey has given me will become part of the foundation in my success as a general contractor. Besides maintaining industrial instrumentation for the last ten years, I have also been fortunate at Marathon to be a part of the success in overseeing completion of some very large industrial building projects. I have experienced the completion of building several new units in the refinery which led to doubling the refining capacities of this plant since the year of 2010.

    Furthermore, In 2010, at the age of twenty-five with several years of savings and sleepless nights of planning I was also fortunate enough to start building my own home. This project was a long time passion of mine to complete and it couldn't have turned out better(to view pictures from this project click the button under the “view our work” section on the home page). I successfully completed a project I had dreamed about for many years my family now calls home. My grandfather passed away when I was still a young boy, but I know if he was around he would have been with me on that job site every step of the way. In August 2012, my life took an unexpected turn and I was involved in a near death experience and loss a best friend in a scubadiving accident. This would be the start of a life changing journey for me. At this point in my life I had never experienced such sadness, sense of a reality disconnect, disbelief, and emptiness than ever before. Life as I knew it would never be the same. This was an experience that would change me forever. The road to recovery seemed endless to me at this time. I didn't believe it was possible at this point to overcome the feelings of sadness, emptiness, and more that I was experiencing. As a couple of years had passed since the accident as well as many struggles. I began making several changes to my future at this point. I realized how important it was to get married to the women I loved, to start a family of our own, and plan to accomplish goals and dreams I once thought were too difficult or too unpredictable when raising a family. This was the beginning of putting all of my knowledge, experiences, and dreams together in efforts to build a company that all future homeowners would seek out and benefit from. I will never forget the words of one person that I will always hold close to my heart, when he said, “Josh, I want you to look up in this situation, and it is important to me to see you do well. Don't let this bring you down in life. ” Well, these words came from the father of a great person, friend, brother, and a son so many will never forget. This message is most responsible for me moving forward after this tragedy and following my dreams to make sure my life is fullfilled without any regrets. JC Quality Construction, LLC became a reality after great efforts in planning a business structure that I dreamed about for years that will ensure success in the future of home building. Thanks for being a part of the JC Quality Construction family!

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